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Speaking about the National Circus of Ukraine in Kiev, we mean a clown with big red nose, we are in raptures over gymnasts, who flies under the dome, we applause a bear, which rides a bike and our eyes to follow brave ropewalker. The circus is interesting to everyone, irrespective of the age. Neither child, nor an old man can say where and when this kind of art had conceived. Egyptian headstones were decorated with acrobats images, while the Kublai Khan like to look at ropewalkers and jugglers. The walls of Knossos were decorated with images of dancing with bulls, while the menagerie of Babylon was full of lions, cheetahs and other wild cats, who obey the handler`s hand! Mime artists exhilarated a crowd at the Ellada streets on holiday leave.

History of Circus

Circus, as we know it today, had become from different rites, displays the cordage of life and habits which are close to definite nation. Let`s remember what did our faraway ancestors do to change the weather or to have a good prey? Yeah, they had ritual ceremonies, which became a basis of the pantomime.
*«Panem et cirsenses»  -  cried hungry crowd during gladiatorial games in ancient Rome. A lot of different big and dangerous animals fought with gladiator at the Roman circus arena. Today we see this kind of entertainment more humane and dumb animals staying alive after the show. They do tricks and somersault, hey presto!

Looking at chariot racing, we sum up that Romans were judges of entertainments. It was a beginning of Horce Circus. In the 16 century the world saw first riding academies, which were necessary to riders` training.

Who first thought of the rope walking? It is scarcely imaginable, but such art become as a result of work! Craftsmen, who weaved ropes, demonstrated the strength of the finished item. They had two stands with a rope and the master made coincide on it!

Why do you like it

When you will go to the circus next time - look around and you won`t find any unconcerned face: both young and old are interested! The action implicates all the sides of human being and it’s a secret of such success. 
 The performance under the dome – it’s an approach of dream, a miracle at arm's length.  The clown laugh at himself, a jangler is handy with weights and balls, gymnasts make unimaginable things with their bodies. It’s hard to see so many terrific skills at the same time! What about wild animals, which do as people say, in spite of their power and greatness? They deal like true friends!

“Death-defying acrobatics » are the second reason why do we came back to the circus. Daily occurrence is measured and safe, predictable and make our hears beat feaster less often, than the brave circus artists. What will you feel when the aerial gymnast will fly without any insurance right under your head?

All the events in the country and the world are relevant but only jack-pudding could feed information in superlatives. However, jester was the only one who could speak to any social class.  Bitter truth may be funny – it`s proved by the jack pudding!

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