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Operetta is a great  consoler, while the tickets to the theater of operetta is a guarantee of good time and sentience!

Operetta is a mix of the word, music and choreography. It rises from the comedy performances, which were well-known centuries ago. For instance, deference rituals in honor of Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine contained pantomime, dance, masquerade and intrigue. You see, today we have it all in operetta!

The Theatre of Dionysus was a pattern to the Greek and European Theater, because it already had and orchestra, the platform for dancers and choristers. Today “orchestra” means an orchestra pit.

A little bit later people begin to unite words with music, dances, clownery, masquerade. It was the 16-18 centuries. In the ballad opera, singspiel, tonadilla and zarzuela alternated music, parodies, satire. Each trend had its own features, which affected on varieties of operetta art. Which one do you like better?

Till the 19 century the term “operetta” was used to describe a little opera, but the meanings changed time and again. In 18 century “operetta” meant a domestic comedy and pastoral, while in Germany is were varieties of comedy opera with dialogues. Today operetta is a genre, which contains from one till five acts with vocal, choreographic, vocal music and spoken scenes. Pay attention, that operetta uses dialogue in a more comprehensive sense, than comic operetta.
You might perceive an operetta as a “sister” of the musical, but in the musical an electronic percussion and acoustical equipment are widely used. However in operetta orchestra and choreography is an appendage to the main action.

Its impossible to restrict operetta, because it`s sceneries are too different: from thе comical to the romantically and even melodramatic. Considered all, operetta is a love intrigue, satire and humor. Confusion in definitions is not a rareness: opera with dialogues or vaudeville may be called “operetta”. But its noncritical item!

Operetta is a light music underneath with sharp contrasts: tense moments changes with romantic melodies. Traditions of academically music are constant: operetic hits (ex. “Carmen”), vocal ensembles, choirs… Even the most capricious viewer will not exit the operetta in bad mood!  

But to exit something, you must firstly enter it! How to enter the operetta knows tickethunt!

Today the price issue is too important and the source propose you not only choose the best variant, but also to bargain! You can draw-up a purchase at home – it saves your time! The schedule and repertoire on 2017 helps you to choose a concert on the taste. However, a ticket to the operetta is a good present to operetta lovers. All you need is to decide what performance to see, which price to solve and which seat to come up. An interactive venue map is your way to buy the most comfort seat for yourself. Which one do you prefer? Closer, or further? Chose it without the vanity.

tickethunt doesn’t know what does the “deficit” mean, because here you will surely find the tickets, which is absent anywhere else. Do you remember the game with chairs? Your chair is waiting for you at the tickethunt`s office! Its situated in the center of Kiev, near the metro “Kreshatik” station. You also may order a delivery.

Have a good time!