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Service combines ticket offerings from organizers and resellers. Prices of resellers may exceed nominal price.

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tickethunt - hunt for entertainment.

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Ticket sales:

With help of tickethunt fans have an opportunity to access ticket offerings listed by event organizers, ticket agencies and other fans who sell leftovers.

Know what you pay for

tickethunt knows everything about the seat (price, view, audibility). No need to guess where to sit, tickethunt will advise.

Interactive venue map:

tickethunt enables you to feel whether or not you will like the seat and if it's worth to pay for. Use the interactive venue map to check the view from particular sector, row, seat. COMING SOON! tickethunt will provide a comprehensive seat ranking system that will base on the number of parameters (price, view, sound).

Offer your price

tickethunt provides unique opportunity to buy tickets for target price. Just indicate your price and that’s it!


Please indicate target price for ticket you look for within any event wherever BID function is available. Ticket sellers will get notified about active BIDs and may accept to sell by requested price. BID can be limited by time and multiple BIDs are possible to open.