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Lords of the Sound

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What Lord do atheists believe in? “Lords of the Sound!”

Once upon a time there was a… Yeah, its hard to get shot of fabulous perception after the sound, which play these musicians. It seems that their hands were made differently, otherwise how do they do such unaccountable things with musical instruments?

It was 2014, Kiev. Andrew Novatorov and Vitaliy Sarazhinskiy with Vitaliy Fizer, the bandleaders, created a band to play modern music. Ever since they began we can not only see the movie, but listen it and imagine what it's like to be in Harry Potter`s or Sherlock`s place. Here you can be anyone you want – just close your eyes…

The Orchestra was recognized and since 2014 they have performed in different cities, played at the season festivals and the festivals commemorated the town's founding. However, Opera House and the palace “Ukraine” are the stages, where guys have gave their concerts! Isn’t it a significate of success for such young band?

You see, it`s young not only because of a life, but also because of its young members. «Lords of the Sound» contains young talented musicians who were selected from many others!

Guys have a repertoire from more than 200 compositions, but now they play even rock, jazz, classic music and music for children. Good news: you will not be bored, listening Lords, you will not look at the chandelier and around! Each performance is supplemented by special effects and staging! It's a fair pleasure to watch them!

So, what seat do you prefer?