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Youth and Pharaoh

They say we see the world in a way which we find and every new person brings us new facets of the same reality. Every concert of Pharaoh is a pointing at his vision of things around us. He is a rebel, he is a practitioner of rude philosophy that he hands with the aid of rap to the audience. Buy a ticket to Pharaoh and get something more than the usual concert.

Gleb Mironov is hiding under the alias “Pharaoh” and he became an idol of youth when he was 19 years old. His tours have gathered teenagers throughout the world, tickets have been sold out immediately after they went on sale, he was interviewed by the most popular publishing houses!

Pharaoh makes new sentiments in his style, mixing them with intemperate youth speaking, literal skepticism, aggression… Teenagers screams through the Gleb`s voice so it’s interesting not only for musical followers.

What`s the Pharaoh`s trick? Why didn’t showbiz eat him, why didn’t he go in the doldrums? The “Dead Dynasty” is a company that includes photographers, producers,

stage managers who help young musician. Their goal is to be the best in their business.

If you are already intrigued — welcome to the Pharaoh’s concert!