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HOMIE. Between rap and lyric

It would seem that these styles are not only incompatible, but opposite. However, Belarusian artist Homie masterfully combines them in his tracks. Tabala Anton Alexandrovich was born in Minsk in 1989 and became popular thank to social networks. What can boost popularity better than a forwarded in a single click message? Especially if in this message the addressee will find talented and unordinary guy? Today you can also buy a concert ticket in a single click at tickethunt.net.

It is difficult to say, if there are more people who enjoy Homie's music than those who don't like it. But we are sure, that nobody is apathy! Every day brings Anton new fans, who dreams about his concert in all the cities and abroad.

Girls go crazy about Anton too, but no one knows if he is single for today. HOMIE keeps quiet what happens behind-the-scenes. What is happiness for HOMIE we can try to find in his songs.

Anton is purposeful and tries to create temporary duets with young talented artists.

The more impressions you have – the better memories you get. Recruit them with HOMIE concert!