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Anacondaz - Russian alternative hip-hop band, formed in Astrakhan in 2009. It is a sextet and has to his credit four studio albums and one EP.

The band formed in Astrakhan in 2009. After recording their debut album, the band started to tour, including Moscow. In 2010, it was decided to move to Moscow, where team members live and to this day. They also became acquainted with the famous rapper Noize MC, with whom they recorded a song later.

Their album has been called "perhaps the most underrated album of 2009".

In spring of 2015 three singles were released from the upcoming album.

Released an album called "Tales insider" and it was quite warmly received by critics. Among the strengths of the called irony, sometimes reaching up to absurdity, and equanimity with which the MC group manages to read about the deaths in Syria or armless janitor, chauffeur, and writers. It was noted that in a few years, the group was able to gain a firm foothold among professional Russian alternative bands. They create "pleasure to understand" with a sense of humor and unexpected rhymes.