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Polina Gagarina

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Biography Polina Gagarina bright start continued in the project "Star Factory 2". Participant performed by Maxim Fadeev lyrics. After winning the "Star Factory" Polina Gagarina refused to contract with Fadeev and began singing career on their own. The following two years, the newly formed artist has devoted an in-depth training, the creation of songs, working with arrangers.

In 2005 Polina Gagarina ripe for a profitable contract with the "ARS Records," under the label I. Krutoy and soon appeared on the scene in Jurmala "New Wave-2005". The song "Lullaby" Gagarin brought contestant in third place and became the first hit in the discography of the singer. In early July 2007, the sale the debut album "Ask the clouds."

In March 2010, Gagarin discography replenished the next album with the intriguing title "Statement". After recording and presentation of the disc contract with I. Krutoy ended, to continue to cooperate Gagarin did not dare, citing fatigue commitments.

By the time Pauline sang a duet with Irina Dubtsova. The duo celebrated in June of the same year the prestigious award "Muz-TV" for "Best Duet." Song Gagarina and Dubtsova "Who? Why?" Literally blew up all the possible charts and ratings for many weeks the song "Who? Why?" It was at the top of the charts.

At the end of a productive activity for the current year, Polina Gagarina graduated with honors from the Moscow Art Theatre School.

In spring 2011 she sang Polina Mikhail Dimov at the competition "National star-4", which took place in Ukraine. Already in April, he presented the multi channel MTV tape "Great Expectations", which topped filmography Gagarina. In kinopostanovki scenario was included soundtrack heroine "I promise." In August Gagarina song "I'll never forgive" was awarded the "Golden Gramophone".

Further career unfolded against the backdrop of the opera genre. Polina took part in the show production of "Phantom of the Opera." Despite the lack of experience of Gagarin to celebrate high grades and a good response, in particular rave reviews followed by L. & C Kazarnovskaya Sotkilava.

In 2013, together with Alexander Zhulin Gagarin performed in the TV show "Two stars". In May Polina Gagarina once again became the owner RU.TV prestigious award for "Best performer". In July, it was awarded the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year" by the organizers channel MUZ-TV. A month later he was named the most stylish singer on «Fashion People Awards-2013". And in a few days the fans enjoyed the new single "Forever."

At the end of November 2013 for the second time Pauline takes the award "Golden Gramophone" for the execution of the author's text K. Meladze - "No". At the award ceremony in the Kremlin insurance agency "Rosgosstrakh" certificate awarded to the winner, where the life and the voice of Gagarin was estimated at 1 million. Dollars.

From 2005 to 2013 discography Gagarina supplemented by numerical singles, most of which have received the most meritorious.

In 2015, screens out most anticipated film "The Battle of Sevastopol" - a joint Russian-Ukrainian Sergei Mokritskiy project. The plot of the film is the historical fate of the famous sniper, Hero of the Soviet Union Lyudmila Pavlichenko, which destroyed 309 enemy soldiers and officers. She became the first citizen of the USSR, who was honored at the White House reception. It was after her fiery speech to members of Congress in 1943, the United States reported on the opening of a second front.

In the film "The Battle of Sevastopol" Polina Gagarin became the main executor of the soundtrack of the picture - the legendary song of Viktor Tsoi "Cuckoo". Almost immediately, "Cuckoo" by Gagarin took the leading position in the domestic music charts.