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"Anderlecht" - a Belgian professional football team from the same commune in Brussels. Formed May 27, 1908. It is the most titled club in Belgium: 33-time champion of Belgium, the nine-time winner of the Cup, the 12-time winner of the Super Bowl in Belgium, as well as a five-time winner of the European Cup.

The club was founded May 27, 1908 located in the territory of the commune of Anderlecht Café "Concordia". In 1913 the team fell to the second division of the national championship and won the fourth place there. Before the war, in 1917, for the club arena "Constant Vanden Stock" it was built, in which the team performs to this day. During the First World Team appeared powerful patron - the industrialist Emil version. He chose for his team liked the purple and white color form. In 1921, "Anderlecht" for the first time made it into the top division championship in Belgium and took the 12th place, but over the next decade the club was at the bottom of the standings, or balanced between the divisions.

In 1947, "Anderlecht" won the league title for the first time. Since purple finally become one of the leading football teams in Belgium and with an enviable rate finished in first place of the standings. Between 1963 and 1968 the club set a national record by winning five consecutive gold national championship. The club became the base for the national team.

Speaking in the European arena, the club also achieved considerable success. In the 1982/83 season, "Anderlecht" won the UEFA Cup, and reached the finals of this tournament in 1970 and 1984, respectively. Also, "Anderlecht" double wins the Super Cup (in 1976 and 1978 respectively) and the Cup Winners Cup (in seasons 1975/76 and 1977/78). Quite often Anderlecht accused of match-fixing, even at the level of the Belgian Football Association. However, the investigation had not brought to an end and unambiguous confirmation of those suspicions have not received.