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Keiko Matsui

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Japanese pianist and composer, performing music in the style of New Age and Jazz. Keiko has released 20 albums and received international acclaim.

Keiko Matsui has released two albums under the label MCA, before moving to the White Cat, Countdown, Unity and finally Narada. 1990s albums Matsui grow in the charts. Hit Sapphire took second place in the weekly Top Billboard among modern jazz albums, hit Dream Walk reached the third position. Matsui took third place in the Billboard Top among contemporary jazz artists in 1997 (where she was the only female jazz performer in the top ten), and both the composition Dream Walk and Sapphire hit the top ten on Billboard's contemporary jazz to indie albums in the same year.

Matsui Oasis received the award as the best jazz singer in 1999 and 2000. In 2001, Matsui first album with Narada, Deep Blue, has won first place in the Top Billboard for best contemporary jazz album and stayed there for three weeks.

When US President George W. Bush visited the residence of the Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, February 18, 2002, Keiko Matsui has been invited to the reception and met with the two heads of state.

In autumn 2012 Keiko Matsui made a tour of Eastern Europe, which ended with a concert in Sevastopol 18 November. Actress acted without the support of the group, playing the piano, and played the role of emcee.