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Yarmak and his success

Olexandr Valentinovich Yarmak was born in Borispil and today he is well-known rap performer. What is Yarmak rapping about? His creations run from everyday things to playful, from love lyrics to social questions.

Olexandr was a fan of Eminem, Basta, Kasta and Centr. When he was 15, he took part at KVN performances and even got the final of Ukrainian Premier League as a member of “NAU team”.

In 2011 Olexandr downloaded his tracks on VKontakte for the first time and find a broad response. A little later his first video got 50 000 views overnight and 1 000 000 for two views! He also worked with feature length project “YaSYouTube”. This album contains 7 videos and 15 songs and was released with Lexter and Mary Sobko. However, did you hear it?

What social problems affects creative work of Yarmak? If you remember Pavlichenko criminal case, you might know the composition, which was written by Yarmak and called “Svobodu chestnym”. You can never predict which action will have crucial importance, but its necessary to offer one's mite into world`s justice.

Olexandr toured extensively round the country and gave live concerts. However, live concerts take major part in his work and it’s a significance of his respect to his audience.

Six albums are released for today: “YaSYouTube”, “Vtoroy Albom”, “Gorod Svobody”, “Made in UA”, “Poka rayony ne spyat” and “Missiya Orion ER”.

How do you think, what problems will he raise in the next albums?