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Vechernii Kvartal

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The laugh is the only award!

“Vechernii Kiev” is a popular kind of sweets, while “Vechernii Kvartal” is a comic show that is loved in Ukraine and elsewhere. The way these guys shows the most urgent problems makes us laugh in their faces!

How to buy a ticket to “Vechernii Kvartal” and who will like it?

*If you like to have fun and think that problems could be seen in a different way – you should order a ticket at this performance!

*If a box-office is a retribution for you, use our interactive venue map! You can choose the seat you want for nothing to prevent your fun!

*We help you not only to buy but also to sell your ticket. Selling the superfluous ticket, you get your own profit!

*They say: No tickets to “Vechernii Kvartal”? Ask us! Scarce tickets we have in abundance!

*You can find the schedule of events for the short and longer perspective of six months at tickethunt.net.

“Vechernii Kvartal” is a group of guys who can laugh at occasion that we are the part of! Political situation with all the characters, pop stars, theirs ups and downs became a good background for all the next concerts!

“Vechernii Kvartal” is a guarantee of your good mood and optimistic attitude!

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