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Vleriy Meladze

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The one who came into our lives

And not only came – he appeared magically and became a singer for a several generations. Ticket at Valeriy Meladze is a guarantee that you will get esthetic and audio pleasure. His concerts are interesting for audience, because they like to look at talented and charismatic singer! Valeriy was born in the family that was far from the stage, but future singer entered the musical school. It was a start of Meladze epoch.

In 1989 Vleriy and his brother Konstantin became a part of the “Dialogue” band. Three years later Valeiy appeared with the song “Dont disturb my soul, violin” and in 1995 the world saw his first album “ Sera”, that became his lucky ticket.

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During his career Valeriy sang with many famous singers, made a lot of soundtracks and played in musicals. Do you remember Lion Feuchtwanger, who said: “A gifted person is good at everything”? It`s all about Meladze!

Ukraine welcomes Valeriy, what about you?