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Les Podervianskyi

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A poem about Les Podervianskyi

Les Podervianskyi is an ambivalent person in Ukrainian culture but he is worth our attention. He is so called nugget! The poems that Les writes please its public, but today we are going to thumb through a poem, which has been written during his life.

Les` father and grandfather were artists. Les (Oleksandr Serhiiovych Podervianskyi) graduated National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture. If you think that his creative work doesn’t go beyond obscene poems, you are mistaken! Since 1980, Olexandr is a member of the Unit of Artists of Ukraine, participated in exhibitions and his pictures are kept in Kiev museums and abroad. However, Les works in figurative art. Are you experiencing cognitive dissonance?

Swearings and morality

This author speaks about his life and about yours, about your neighbor’s life and even about fairylike life! It may seem that his poems are useless, but try to dig deeper and you`ll find many interesting! So, what about non correct and obscene tricksy turns?

Someone writes love letters from the army to his sweatheart, but Les wrote to his friends comical obscene compositions! First poem slipped his pen in 1970 and for today their total number is about 50! The poems are written in surzhyk and include much swearing and obscenities. It makes a contrast between the form and the context. In Les creations you will find all kinds of people: the intellectuals and Bohemia, Soviet life and international strives, absurd. These five-star works of art are unimaginable without grotesque that makes them memorable and unique.

Don't be surprised if you`ll get an idea to stop the moment, during reading or listening to Les poems. “Ostanovis' mhnovenie”!