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Tina Karol

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The wave of Tina Karol

“There are five good, three average and two bad from ten of my poems” said Vladimir Mayakovski, the favorite Tina`s writer. The songs she sang were a part of her and even many years hence reflected her internal state. Like Mayakovskiy she is too critical to her work: many songs haven't been released until now. Tina thought they were not good enough. But let’s start from the very beginning.

For the most people, Karol appeared after the show “Novaya Volna”, 2005 but her history started in 1985. Tetyana Liberman was born in Magadan region in a family of engineers. No one would have suspected that once this little girl will become the National Favorite singer with a huge heart!

Have you ever heard about the musical “Ekvator”? Tina had played a role in it in 2003. 2004 was a year when she graduated R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music and in 2005 National Aviation University. The "New Wave" festival was yet to come. Do you remember, how bright she shined? Her smile and voice took the audience by storm. However, Russian pop-diva Alla Pugachova trusted Karol and and she was right. Tina got the prize “Alla” and the money she won went towards a new video “Vyshe oblakov”.

The year after her first album «Show Me Your Love» was released and in May Tina participated at the Eurovision song Contest and got the 7th place! You see, the song “Nochenka” got the “gold status”! -Now let’s take a closer look at Tina’s achievements.

August, 2007 — “Teletriumph” she has been appointed as the “Best TV leader of the entertainment show;

September, 2007 — The most popular singer of Ukraine;

November and December, 2007 — first all-Ukrainian tour “Polus prityazheniya”;

March, 2008 — the most beautiful woman of Ukraine according to “Viva” readers.

Do you remember us to tell about her huge heart? Yeah, she proved it presenting a flat to one of her mentees from the show “Golos”. Tina helps ill kids, participates in charity auctions and makes this world better. What may be better than the harmony between the beauty of inner world and attractive appearance?