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British labors, sports and metallurgy

“Lenin Team”

How to run all these terms into the one? It`s too easy! In 1911 on the territory of well-known today Donetsk metallurgical plant, worked “Hughes sports society”. Within the bounds of it was founded football lovers club, that had survived till 1919. In 20s the city was represented by the “Lenin Team”, that contained the labors from the plant. This team was the strongest one and if you want to ask about Britishers, we`ll tell you that British labors were players in this team!

The first international match was held in Donbas: “Lenin Team” played with Germany in 1924 and won by five goals to nil!


When the time came to held USSR Championchip. 27 teams were divided into 4 categories (A, B, C, D) depending upon their power. “B” group called “Stakhanovets” in honor of Alexey Stakhanov, the innovator of miner`s movement.

For the first time “Stakhanovets” went out on the field in 1936 to play against “Dynamo” from Odessa. This match watched 15 000 viewers and it finished by a score 2:3. Three years later the War started.


In 1945 only Bikezin, Kuznetsov and Yurchenko stayed in the team. Zhukov, Shpinev, Brushin, Andreyko and Livnew joined them to rally team`s strength. In 1946 “Stakhanovets” got the new name “Shakhter”. All the collectives of colliery undertakings played as a part of it. “Shakhter” (Stalino) became the one of the strongest teams on the field!

The first season brought 21 defeats in 34 matches for the different reasons. On the one hand the old-timer gamer got the age crisis, on another – the trainer couldn’t tightly knit his wards. The salvation became in the person of Viktor Novikov, who built the shell of the team and soon it got 11 position with 33 points! Who played? Alexander Alpatov, Dmitriy Ivanov, Viktor Fomin, Nikolai Samarin, etc. And business perks again!