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How did “Antitela” arrived into Ukrainian showbiz?

Do you remember a popular show “Karaoke na Maydane”, that became a chance for young talents? This show was a jumping off point for guys, which are known as “Antitela” today. They sang among the crowd their own song, instead of the cover on another one. “Ya ne zabudy pervyyu noch” created a furor, but didn’t bring a win! However, later guys got much more than they expected! The song, which they sang at the show, was downloaded 30 000 times!

Who are the members of “Antitela”? Taras Topolya is a vocalist and the author of texts, Sergey Usik plays keyboards and makes adaption of a musical composition (however, he was the author of the soundtrack to the film “Feathered Dreams”, presented at the Cannes Film Festival), Dmitriy Zholud plays the guitar, Denis Shvetc plays drums and Nikita Astrahantcev is a bassist.

Do you know when the band “Antitela” was firstly recognizable? In 2008, at the “Pearls of season” festival they were honored as « The best debut of the year”. No wonder that these charismatic and honest musicians got it! They also were awarded as a band, which saves Ukrainian melos. Today, it is important as never before?

The creative work of “Antitela” affects different social problems. For instance, they speak about the abortion through their video “I vsuy noch” and “ Nevidimka”.

Since 2008 the band released 5 albums (“Buduvudu”, “Vybiray”, “Nad polusami”, “Vse krasivo”, “Solntce”) and 25 videos!

Do you have your favorite song of “Antitela”?