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From Dmitriy Shyrov to Pianoboy


Dmitriy was born in Vinnytsia, in the family of artist and musician. Pianoboy studied the piano since he was 4 years old! Dmitriy often was abroad in his younger day, so he had a chance to learn how to speak English and French fluently. And he seized the chance! However, he studied in Pierre-Auguste Renoir Lyceum and in Yuta.

Love to music run him to jazz orchestra, choir, quartet “barbershop” and theatrical class, where he was hipped on the musicals of 1950s. Its hard to say what period of Dmitriy`s life influenced his creation but… from 2001 till 2004 he worked with the band “Ocean Elzy”. As a pianist, of course. For the next 4 years he played in “Esthetic Education” and from 2006 till 2009 – with Zemfira.

Fashion shows, piano and Pianoboy

A fashion show of Alena Akhmadullina took place in Paris in 2009 and as a soundtrack was played opera “Lion and Leya”. Dmitriy worked with this opera. They say, that all the situations which happen with us are not random. Everyone teaches us or hint at something! Working at one project, Shurov decided to create his own. That year the project Pianoboy as Dmitriy, his sister Olgha and Lidia Tytyola (backing vocal), Ilya Galushko (guitar) performed at Moloko Music Fest.

Pianoboy today

For the period of the project's existence three albums have been released: “Prostye veshi (2012) (Eng. Simple things), “Ne prekrashai mechtat” (2013) (Eng. Don’t stop dreaming) and “Take off” (2015). Pianoboy project includes Dmitriy Shurov – vocal, piano, Olgha Shurova (backing vocal, the keyboards, guitar, percussion), Nakolai Kistenev (bass guitar) and Adrew Nadolkiy(drums).

However, do you like piano?