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“ONUKA” of the famous grandfather!

Ukraine is a fertile ground where talented artists grow, they brings cultural riches to the younger generations. ONUKA as a band has appeared at the stage on 2013 and now is one of these Ukrainian accomplishments custodians. They made electronic music with folk elements and instruments. If you have visited such performance once, you will hurry to buy a ticket for the next one!

The band includes Natalia Zhyzhchenko (she is a singer who plays at many musical instruments and write songs) and Evgeniy Filatov (he is an arranger, composer and art director).

The name of this band is similar to Ukrainian word “onuka” and is not accidentally! Natalia, the soloist, is a granddaughter of famous musical instrument master Alexander Shlionchik. Her creation is a gratitude and respects to her grandfather, who made her fist pipe, taught her to play and showed her a real patriotism.

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