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Oleg Vinnik

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“Success comes only to people who were born at the right time in the right place” is a superstition which we are going to dispel. We think that success comes to people, which dream and make it aim. Oleg Vinnik is a great example, look at him!

He was born the 31st Of July, 1973 in Verbovka village, Cherkassy region. Being young, he liked to sing, play electric guitar and take an active position in amateur-talent group. Is it a talent? Absolutely! After the school graduation, the boy entered the Kanev specialized school and soon he`d got a job at the Cherkasy Regional Philharmonics. However, it was his first place of employment. Young Oleg worked with Olga Pavlovskaya, the Honored Artist of Ukraine in the Cherkasy Folk Choir.

While he lived in Germany, Vinnik had performed parties in «Toska» and «Paganini». Soon he`d studied singing under John Lehmann guidance. “Who is your friend?”- asked Evprid, but we want to ask you if there were a chance for Oleg not to become an artist, living around such talented people?

He took parts in the next musicals: “Kiss me Kate”, “Der Glöckner von Notre Dame”, “Les miserables”, “Elisabeth”.

In 2011 Oleg came back to Ukraine and immersed himself into solo career. All the songs you`ve ever heard, hearing now and will hear in the future are performed by Oleg! The popularity of musician raises day by day and the love of the audience raises too.

We are proud of him!