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Potap and a history of his success

Alexey Potapenko was born on May 8, 1981 in Kiev in the family of swimming champion and serviceman. Little Lesha was active child and take an interest to public matters. He was keen on sport and even got the title of master of sports. However, Alexey wasn`t a hooligan and during all of his school years had got bad points only three times.

Have you ever heard that Potap was a teacher? You may think we're talking about one of his video clips. Not at all! Potap is a qualified sports teacher and he even taught PE lessons at the National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine. It was a period, when Alexey played in KVN team. Should we emphasis on his success in this field?

Duet and it`s “Vukrutasy”

Potap started his career in 2005 but in 2006 he had created a duet with Nastya Kamenskih, where he worked as a director, author and singer. The song “Ne para” made him a nominee at “Novue pesni o glavnom”. However, guys sang the anthem of Olympiad in Sochi, and later they got “Pesnya Goda”, “Zolotoy Gramofon”, “Premiya MUZ-TV”, “Sharmanka”, “RU-TV” honours. What about “Vukrutasu”? Its not a boasting but a soundtrack to the famous blockbuster!

Your benefits

Each person, which we meet is a teacher and Potap teaches us to try ourselves in different fields. The next field he works on is a… directing! The musician is the owner of «MOZGI Entertainment», which works with the following projects: “Potap i Nastya”, “Vremya i steklo” and “Arkadiy Laykin”.

The success of Potap is a good example of self-development. Maybe you are a genius musician too?