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Okean Elzy

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Oh, yeah… — that's what I say when I listen to O.E. (Okean Elzy)

Lviv. 1994. Vakarchuk founded the band “Okean Elzy”. No, it would be too easy!

The “Klan Tishiny” band (Eng. “The clan of silence”) was the first step to OE and it contained Andrew Golyak, Denis Glinin, Paul Gudimov and Juriy Hustochka. The band performed at the Lviv Palaces of Culture. A little later, the musicians met Vakarchuk, the student of physics department and they found him as a more promising variant. “Klan Tishiny” fell to pieces, but the new band, that is known as “Okean Elzy” arised. It was on October 12, 1994. OE played pop-rock and Vakarchuk was as vocalist, composer and the author at the same time.

OE released their first album with 4 songs after only two months of band foundation. In spite of such limited amount of songs, the first OE performance watched 7 000 viewers! How do you like such beginning? Than they worked at the first video (“Long time ago”), the festival “Chervona Ruta”, single “Budynok zi skla” (“A house from glass”) and the first concert tour. However, they decided to make themselves known not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland, Germany and France. In 1998 the musicians moved to Kiev where they found wishing popularity.

That year “Ocean Elzy” met Vitaliy Klimov and concluded a contract with “Nova Records”. As a result of such changes the audience got their debut album “Tam, de nas nema”. If you remember, the songs of OE got the top positions in each chart, while their secret ingredient was Svyatoslav and his unusual performance of lyrical sound.

In 1999 OE performed in Paris and this show was broadcasted on MCM International channel. After that the band got a rotary at “Nashe Radio”, participated at the festival “Nashestvie” and took the Russian audience by storm. The next chapters of this story is well known for you, for sure.

Today the band contains Svyatoslav Vakarchuk — vocal, Denis Glinin — percussion, Denis Dudko — bass guitar, Milosh Elich — keyed instruments and Vladimir Opsenitca — guitar.