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performer “Cherniy Kvadrat” (Eng. Black Square)

“Cherniy Kvadrat” (Eng. Black Square)

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Did you know, that the performances of “Cherniy Kvadrat” (Eng. Black Square) prolongs life? No, any magic pills will be gotten, but they know how to tickle your memories — mockery of it all!

The idea of creation such non-government creativq studio was born in 1986, but the first selection of students was only in 1991. Talent is not always appreciates at one push and “Cherniy Kvadrat” became a chance for those, who didn’t enter the Theater Univercity.

The history of its name

In 1994 before the performance, guys found that they have nothing to play. No staging! The decision they found was unordinary and defined the further motion of the Studio. Black velour in the center of the room was a stage for the actors. The improvisation as a concept of the performance was interesting both for actors and the audience. The viewer wants to believe the action and what may be more honest than the improvisation?

A lot of performances were played during the years, a lot of people have favorites: “Minutes instead, before and after sex”, “Manslut”, “The ugly truth”, “Ladies for wholesale and retail”, “The best side of me”… One thing unites all the performances — they will never bore you!

The actors who play for you are: Aleksey Kurilko, Vasiliy Golovanov, Polina Tereschenko, Konstantin Danilyuk, Dmitriy Basiy, Oksana Braginets, Natalya Kazantseva, Alena Tkacheva, Vyacheslav Nikonorov, Mihail Spivakovskiy, Yuriy Klyatskin, Sergey Fedorchuk, Kseniya Hizhnyak, Andrey Burlaka, Irina Kogut, Aleksandr Kirichenko, Kirill Nikitenko, Elena Kostrova, Mariya Krushinskaya, Aleksey Pasechnik, Aleksandra Panasevich, Vladimir Shumko, Irina Bondar and others.

“Cherniy Kvadrat” is a dose of endorphins with 0 calories!