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Santa Claus in the Chocolate Kingdom

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Tasty adventures for kids

Do you remember Villi Vonka and his chocolate factory with sweet ponds and candy rivers? Every kid wishes to become one of those lucky man who have got a Gold Ticket and now it`s possible! However, you don’t need to stock up with chocolate — just buy a ticket at “Santa Claus in the Chocolate Kingdom”. By the way, this Kingdom is near enough, in Kiev!

The way your kid should to pass is going through the Caramel Kingdom, Magic Marshmallow Forest and many other interesting and funny traces. Interactive performance allows all the participants to feel themselves in the center of fairy events! Children will meet fantastic choreography, sugarplum gymnasts and fast jugglers in their journey. 3d decorations and live sound is a caution of show realistic.

The schedule of performance you can fins at tickethunt.net and here you also can buy a ticket, getting own benefits. tickethunt.net brings you miracles all the year, not only for New Year!

It`s a dream for every child — to travel in Chocolate Kingdom that isn’t not harmful to health.

Bring a song and dance to your kid. However, maybe you want to revisit own childhood? :)