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MONATIK aka Dmitry

They say that if one door closes, another one opens. In 2008 Dmitry didn't get on “Fabric of Stars” show, but at that time Mogilevskaya invited him to her ballet. Three month later “Fabric” come to Dima represented by the Fabric`s director of choreography! She wanted him to work as manager. By the way, MONATIK liked dancing and earlier: being teenager he tried himself in break dance. Would you like to visit his first performances? :)

We don’t devise the time machine for now and have no opportunity to back you towards a past, but we can give you a chance to go at the future concert! Buy a ticket online and you will never need a pay-box! If you want to be sure that your seat will meet the requirements, use interactive venue map! Have an extra ticket? tickethunt helps you to find a buyer for it! Mutually beneficial deal is easy!

The first MONATIK’s video was filmed on smartphone with «D’Arts» ballet and it was a debut for “TajUletayu”. However, have you ever heard songs he have written for popular Ukrainian stars? Ann Sedokova, Eva Bushmina, Svetlana Loboda are among them!

It`s time to listen how MONATIK sing his own songs!