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Virtuozy Kieva

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When professionals take the instrument…

Have you ever heard about beneficial effects that gives classical music? For instance, children who listened for Mozart, have shown better results in their mental development in comparison with their equals in age. However, Mozart helps you to be on creative frequency, that is necessary in no ordinary situations.

Bah and George Frideric Handel make logic better, slow parts of Bah’s and Vivaldi’s music are good when you have to remember the text. Modern orchestrating slow breath down and allay, so if you want to feel the magic of music, then come to the concert of “Virtuozy Kieva”!

This chamber orchestra was formed in 2016 by Dmitry Yablonskiy. He is a honoured conductor of Jerusalem orchestra. Students of famous musicals in Ukraine, USA and Europe play in “Virtuozy”! Most of them have studied under B. A. Kotorovich, the violinist. Concerts of “Virtuozy” are virtuosic enough and attract a capacity crowd!

The trick is in different music, these guys play classical and modern melodies. How do you like the soundtrack from “Star wars” with some new elements?

They say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Those who have ears must hear!