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About hunting and football tickets

Nowadays, considering the amount of football tickets been annually sold some can confidently state that football is one of the favorite sport worldwide.

Football did not always exist in the current format and even was considered a crime some time ago. Some could have been punished and banned from church just for the game. Enjoy the game – go to jail! The ball also progressed much alone with the game. Imagine it was filled with hair not air.

Almost everyone ever wondered why the grass on football field is striped? Is it because of different grass type? In reality it’s because the grass is cut by lawn mowers moving in opposite directions, which cases such striped affect!

Did you know that in the football history there was a player who played for national team in international cup and local team in local cup of Deutschland at the same day. It was Seren Lerbyu at November 13th 1985.

Do you believe there has to be necessarily 2 teams to play the match? Wrong! An artist Asger Yorn has proposed to play 3 team football match on the 6 corners field in 90s. The winner is not the one that scores the most but the one that miss the less. Do you think that was interesting for the fans?

Octopus is not only a delicacy but also a forecaster. There was an octopus Paul from Oberhausen who was able to determine which team will win. In 2010 he predicted the outcome of the games against Germany! How did that worked? Two food containers accompanied with appropriate team flag were placed. The winner is the one which container octopus approaches the first. By the way, do you have any pets? Check if they have this talent too.

Teams, fans and ballgames

All is clear about octopuses but shich team is your favorite. Is it "Dynamo"? "Arsenal"? "Shahter"? Ukrainian football is rich on famous players!

If you are a fan you don’t miss any matches! There are some websites that offer to buy football tickets from them but are you sure to buy something, which is worth of buying? tickethunt provides an opportunity to track all the matches on one website and let you compare prices vs seat location. You can order online paper tickets delivered to you or electronic ticket to be printed by yourself. Only at tickethunt you can find deficit tickets that are not available anywhere else! Sometimes many friends want to enjoy the game sitting next to each other but unfortunately no more seats left. Even Olympic Stadium may be too small to place all the friends together! Make sure you buy in advance or you may want to consider another sector or fan sector.

Some advantages of tickethunt

Is buying online convenient? Of course it is. You can buy ticket on football match in Kiev no matter where you are located now (different city). Just from your home any time. No lines. If you’re still not sure about the seat please don’t hesitate to contact us and our consultants will help to select the best fitting your preferences. Eliminate rush not to pick the wrong seat. Take your time and check venue map. Check the view from the specific sector prior to your purchase to make sure you buy you really need. tickethunt is your way to no to miss any sort of match (from friendly to Champion League).


Another advantage of online service is the ability to buy the ticket for market price. There are different listings with different prices. Sometimes prices are lower than face price. Make sure to analyze it. If you can’t find an appropriate price please bid by stating your target price and all seller will get your offer. Also you can sell the ticket if you can’t attend the match. Our site works with different vendors - your task is to choose the right and wait for the match. There are also football ticket sales – participate in bid and win! tickethunt is easy service for you to get tickets delivered! We offer electronic tickets available in few minutes on your email (to be printed yourself) or courier/post delivery depending on your location. Furthermore, tickets may be picked up from our office, which is located near the "Khreshchatyk" metro station. All ticket types are to be shown at control point at the entrance of the venue. The electronic ticket is much easier to receive, carry and difficult to loose.

Your team is ready to win, are you ready to support it?