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The “Mashina vremeni” is the most famous rock band in the post-Soviet space with a truly prophetic title “time machine”. Since 1969 this amazing musical mechanism works flawlessly, overcoming decades and entire historical eras! The band's staff has changed several times, but the wheel of the “machine” remains firmly in hands of Andrey Makarevich.
Unchanged singer, songwriter and composer habitually takes his place at the microphone, picks up a guitar, and the audience fades, listening to every word of poetic revelations. The depth of the life philosophy in these songs is unfathomable! In a country where the social order changes as often as political leaders, Andrey Makarevich never breaks his rule to sing sincerely and from the heart, not for the sake of the conjuncture.
In recent years musicians from the “Mashina vremeni” became good friends of Ukraine, they supported our nation occasional with performances in the hottest spots. And now right moment has come for a great all-Ukrainian tour that performers are timed to the release of album “TBA”, which was released in May 2016.

Order and buy tickets for "Mashina vremeni" in the cityKiev, (The national Palace of arts "Ukraine") You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 11 November 2022 19:30

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