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event Cherniy kvadrat “Sex. Temporarily available”

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Description Cherniy kvadrat “Sex. Temporarily available”

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The classics drama love stories are too refined, and therefore they are either uniquely romantic, or dramatic. So only in the productions of the theatre “Cherniy kvadrat” you can see a realistic relationship between men and women. Here is the truth of life on stage in full view, with all its nuances and shades of feelings. The satirical play with the telling title “Sex. Temporarily available” is from the category such sincere and straightforward.

Actors of this theater speak with the audience openly, in the adults’ language. That's why snobs are not welcome on performances! From the viewer requires a sense of humor and a willingness to accept the truth. Then before him appears the true essence of stage embodiment of our everyday life. And it will be followed by a reinterpretation of his own actions.
In the play “Sex. Temporarily available” with the participation of Alexey Kurilko and Oksana Braginets, all of us recognize a paraphrase of the main Shakespearean character Hamlet history. But do not look here for plot’s parallels to the original, they are securely disguised by the outright humor, free usage of censorship and spicy scenes. 

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