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In the 1990s, even the staunchest opponents of smoking adored the song “Dym sigaret s mentolom”. The lyrical, sad melody, the heartfelt words... It was soulful  performed by the soloist of the band "Nancy" Anatoly Bondarenko! All the past years, we did not let go of nostalgia. Loyal fans of musicians from Donetsk listening to their favourite hit in records, but on February 25, they will be able to meet idols on a live concert!

The golden “Nancy” membership invites old friends for a rendezvous. Guys in recent years has not rested on its laurels and worked on new compositions, which will also be performed at the concert. But the highlight of the February show will be a performance of romantic tunes of those times, when musicians and their fans were a bit... younger and more careless.

Probably few know the secret of the origin of this band’s name. Previously the band was called “Hobby”, but in 1993, the musicians decided to do the rebrand. They asked for advice the psychic, who with the help of dowsing and with a pearl fixed on a string defined the word “Nancy”. Maybe in this lies the secret of the band’s popularity?

Order and buy tickets for "Nancy" in the cityKiev, (The national Palace of arts "Ukraine") You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 5 March 2020 19:00

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