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Description He is my sister

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Other people, not like the most of us... But maybe they differ only in appearance? Is it possible that under the catchy scandalous “wrapper” feminine man hides a true heart and ability to sacrifice for his friend? Director Vitaly Malakhov represents to the audience his view on male friendship when one of friends... not quite a man. There will be no philosophical sermons and no lectures, we are talking about super-comedy “He is my sister. The easy genre best reveals complex topics!

The Duo of main characters are inimitable Vladimir Goryansky and Anatoly Hostikoev. Both actors dearly loved by Kyiv audience, both are well known for manly roles in film and theater. That is why it is particularly unusual (but perfectly!) one of them looks in a feminine manner. In the story heroes are neighbors, who at first did not really get along. But who would have thought that when one of them gets in trouble, the help and support he receives from his eternal opponent!

Order and buy tickets for "He is my sister" in the cityKiev, (Central House of officers of Armed forces of Ukraine) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 16 February 2020 19:00

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