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event The dance ensemble named after Pavlo Virsky

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Description The dance ensemble named after Pavlo Virsky

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In many countries, Ukraine has been associated primarily with the word “gopak”. This is the highest level of dance and even acrobatic art demonstrated by the artists of the National dance ensemble of Ukraine named after Pavlo Virsky. Several generations of dancers changed in this illustrious group, but the soloists still “keep the brand” and lead the audience in raptures at every performance.

The performers dressed in magnificent costumes, literally flying over the stage, performing breathtaking jumps. They overcome with a smile the most difficult elements of the dance and seemingly without the slightest effort. When hundreds of dancers takes the stage and moves with the clarity of the clock mechanism, forming a unique, ever-changing choreographic drawing, the viewer is hard to believe that there were no magic. Touch the miracle of folk dance, give a round of applause to our wonderful artists as well as since the foundation in 1937, they are applauded by all the continents!

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