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Description Fraudsters? Lesbians?!! Pretty women!..

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Close rented room with, the eternal lack of money, dismissal from work and a huge debt, is it not the reason for despair? Discouraged anyone, but not the main heroines of the comedy “Fraudsters? Lesbians?!! Pretty women!..” Great imagination, business acumen and a couple of tricks from the “arsenal” of Ostap Bender will help Olia and Zhul’ka to find a way out of any situation.

For the sake of intriguing offers from rich American woman and a tempting sum of $200 000 girls may well be ... a pair of lovers. They played their new unusual roles perfectly and would have received the long-awaited “sponsorship” fee, if not the intervention of third parties — landlady Maria Petrovna, JonicK, Zhul’ka’s passion and Olia’s mom Lubov Ivanovna. They know the truth and can ruin the whole affair of risky adventures. But the beautiful girlfriends don’t give up easily! In general, the viewer will find plenty of unexpected plot twists and a brilliant finale in bollywood style.

Order and buy tickets for "Fraudsters? Lesbians?!! Pretty women!.." in the cityKiev, (The new Ukrainian theater (the upper stage)) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 29 September 2019 19:00

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