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Description The Memories with taste of Martini

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There is the play by Tennessee Williams on the stage again, this means that the auditorium will be the witness of serious passions. The whole life of Wingfields is a family drama, in which clinging to the past Amanda and her two children coexist together, hoping ever to breathe freely. Alienation and cruelty are frequent guests in this house. And for the ups and downs of family members’ life silently watching... hanging on the wall portrait of Amanda's husband, father of Laura and Tom. The narrative of the play “Memories with taste of Martini” is leads behalf of Tom Wingfield, who revives in memory the events of the past.

Director Vitaliy Kino diluted the tragedy of everyday life with a good portion of humor. On the stage everything is like in real life: laughter and tears, sorrow and joy are inseparable. And yet the viewer can't help but feel what each of the characters do not dare to live really, and agree to continue to escape illusions. But the new character Jim appears in the house of Wingfields, and now things can change, if heroes do not miss their chance!

Order and buy tickets for "The Memories with taste of Martini" in the cityKiev, (The new Ukrainian theater (the lower stage)) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 26 July 2019 19:00

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