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Description Three Comrades

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History repeats itself and today the problem of no principle enemy and after-war adaptation of young men is critical. Had Remark sensed it as much? Let's think about it.
Germany, 1928. Robert Locamp, Otto Kester and Gottfried Lenz are the representatives of the Lost Generation, who had looked into War`s face, and after it had been working at automobile repair station. Each of them had interesting destiny, child fears and tragedies, which left an imprint on their personalities. However, this imprint of the Lost Generation is too big for time to assuage it.

Robby is a main character. He falls in love with beautiful Patricia, who is ill because of hungry childhood. He is a First World War participant. Robert and Pat have different positions on social rank, but if you still think that it’s a hindrance for the real love — you are mistaken.
Otto is a commissioned airman, while Gottfried is a facile handler who is notable not only because of his interior light, but also because of his light hair. Before war started he liked to travel, but it burned down all of his predilections and left just terrible memories and fracture.
“Three Comrades” see the beauty of outward things in spite of the blood smell, which they shall never forget.
Are you a real “comrade”?

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