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The owner of a battered old briefcase for priceless manuscripts known far beyond his native Odessa. His original accessory Mikhail Zhvanetsky brings to every concert, like a talisman. In this cherished leather briefcase there are texts which were voiced by many famous comedians. However, the audience likes the most these masterpieces of satire only in the author's reading.

Many years ago, there was not a problem for Zhvanetsky to arrange the full house in any concert hall, and now, when his collection of comic works has added, spectators purchase the tickets from the first row of the stalls to the last row in the balcony. Of course, a recital of the author in Kiev on March 16 will pass with the same success and excitement. Fans of Zhvanetsky know what there will be original monologues in the performance of the writer, as well as witty live communication with the audience. Questions from the audience are welcome!

Order and buy tickets for "Mikhail Zhvanetsky. The author's performing" in the cityKiev, (International center of culture and arts (Zhovtneviy Palace)) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 16 March 2019 19:00

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