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It would seem the citizen Okunevich, who is lady pleasant in all senses, has everything in life... except the most important — happiness in her personal life. She sighs languidly, sipping tea at richly filled table with the usual samovar, and dreams about what her daily life quickly adorned by HIM, the man of dreams. The rascal thrush Pasha, found out that Okunevich not be regretted to spend a tidy sum to meet her future husband, decides to marry off her own husband to the lonely lady. Well, then, as befits a good sitcoms, the plot begins to intertwine so intricately that the audience of the play “Monter’s matchmaking” can only wipe the tears of laughter.

A short “Story about one selfish thrush” by a real master of humor and satire M. Zoshchenko, despite the almost century age is highly relevant today. His characters have migrated into the play of the popular Ukrainian playwright Natalia Uvarova. Hilarious adventure of personal happiness seeker is complement by comic songs with words and music by Ilya Rybalko.

Order and buy tickets for "Matchmaker's wedding" in the cityKiev, (The new Ukrainian theater (the upper stage)) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 18 August 2018 19:00

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