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St. Petersburg can be call as the capital of Russian rock without any reservations. A lot of legendary bands and performers began their creative work in this city! Life seethes and boils in the St. Petersburg music scene: bands split into solo projects, competitors combined. So the project SBPC was born in search of like-minded people, when the marginal poet and composer Kirill Ivanov decided to work with the band “Elochnye igrushki”.

However, the creative search was not finished, each new song of the band differs in style from the others. Here are characteristic rhythms of hip-hop, electronic disco sound and intricate philosophy of indie rock... But the Ukrainian listeners fully endorse such mix of styles. Last year's November concert of band “the Largest Prime Number” (as translated abbreviation SBPC) went in Kiev with the hype. After less than half a year, the musicians will visit the Ukrainian capital again in the same staff, but... maybe, with a new sound? Who knows, after all, the great experimenter Kirill Ivanov could to surprise the audience with unexpected surprises!

Order and buy tickets for "SBPC" in the cityKiev, (Green Theater) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 9 June 2018 20:00

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