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The only one Kyiv dolphinarium “Nemo” invites you to visit “The day show”. You`ll see the performance of dolphins, fur seals and leonine seals!

Fantastic creatures live near us. They are clever, kind and even able to empathy! They live two or three years with their “mom” after birth and there are more than 40 species of these mammals. The sea cows and whales are their “relatives”; they are sharp-sighted and have acute sense of smell! However, ten years ago scientists found that these animals were able to give and understand names. They are dolphins from “The day show” at the dolphinarium “Nemo”.
All the advantages, that people get communicating with dolphins are well known for today. A therapy that these animals give is good for different mental affections and even promotes kids linguistics development. Ultra-audible sonar is good for the human’s organism and improves the immunity. One of the most interesting abilities of dolphins is that they can predict future or, for example, find a pregnant woman. And they're incredibly happy doing this!
These animals are too close to us: male dolphins make surprises for their “sweethearts” as different water grass bouquets. It’s easy to talk about these unique animals endlessly, but we want you to enjoy their skills personally! “The day show” is your own experience, that is more valuable than all the stories! 

Order and buy tickets for "The day show" in the cityKiev, (Dolphinarium NEMO) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 13 May 2017 18:00

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