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event Les’ Podervyansky. Epic plays

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Description Les’ Podervyansky. Epic plays

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Plays of Les Podervyansky put on the most fashionable theatres in the capital. But the legendary playwright is a great actor too. You haven't heard how this Mr. Grotesque reads his works "Diana", "Katsapy", "Nirvana" or "Hamlet"? Then you have the chance to free yourselves from the yoke of social prejudice and snobbery: the doctor Podervyansky prescribed you effective medicine "Epic plays".

Sharp-tongued king of the grotesque, which does not know about the existence of censorship —that is a reputation of Les’ Podervyansky, which is received from critics and fans. He attacks the audience with his outrageous lyrics and boldly violate the boundaries of political correctness: homophobia and chauvinism, all kinds of social evils are his favorite topics. Author of numerous paintings is a member of the Union of artists of Ukraine, but a specific famous drama seasoned with expressive language, brought him much more popularity.
Les’ Podervyansky began his work as a writer, poet and screenwriter in the 1970s, and at that time, of course, he could just dream of the big stage. Once his works were passed from hand to hand as typewritten pamphlets, and then as tape recordings. In our time, the author reads his works himself officially and even collects a crowd in the largest concert halls in the country. At the great concert of satire and black humor will be performed works "Diana", "Katsaps", "Nirvana", "Hamlet" and many others!

Order and buy tickets for "Les’ Podervyansky. Epic plays" in the cityKiev, (Atlas) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 6 April 2017 19:00

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