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Description Master and Margarita

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Each theatrical performance and screen version based on the novel “Master and Margarita” was accompanied by some mystical manifestation. Even the skeptics cannot explain these phenomena something other than the intervention of supernatural forces! That's why the show fascinates not only fans of Bulgakov's books, but anyone interested in the unknown. The most exciting scenes from the novel will be read by the actors Alexey Vertinsky, Les Zadneprovsky, Lilia Rebrik, Ekaterina Varchenko, Dmitri Stupka, and others.

For each viewer this play is another opportunity to touch the mystery, to revive favorite characters. New actors breathe new life into the images of the Master, Margarita, Pontius Pilate, Woland and his retinue. In an unusual literary and theatrical project Alexey Vertinsky, Les Zadneprovsky, Lilia Rebrik, Ekaterina Varchenko, Dmitri Stupka, Artem Emtsov and Vyacheslav Solomka will only play by voice. In the new Bulgakov’s readings will also take part actors of theatre workshop "Sverhzadacha" and dj Khosh. The Director is honored artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Zhyla, scenography by Alexey Ivanov.
The plot of the play, combining eras and millenniums, shows the incredible fate of fictional characters. And although in fact the “Master and Margarita” is an original fairy tale for adults, it in reality not difficult to believe. Miracles do happen, manuscripts don't burn, and love conquers death!

Order and buy tickets for "Master and Margarita" in the cityKiev, (Central House of officers of Armed forces of Ukraine) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 15 March 2017 19:00

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