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Description It seems to be happiness

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For desperate women the escape is the only way to change life for the better, and maybe find happiness. The destinies are different, and the reasons for the escape too. Claude, the old woman with a turbulent past, escaped from nursing home, and Margo tired of being a servant to her own husband and daughter. The heroines of the comedy "It seems to be happiness" so different in age and temperament, but they are destined to be together!

Claude and Margot meet at the roadside, sat in the car with a stranger at risk and quite naturally get into trouble. He dropped them in the deep woods, and only with the help of a kind farmer's women will be saved. But for the help it is necessary to repay with the hard and unpleasant work. No, Claude don't like such life! So, it's time to run again. And then the runaways will be decided on robbery, arrange a festive dinner on the grave of former lover’s wife and even find themselves under arrest!

In this chamber comedy, staged by play "Runaways" two stunning actress play: Ada Rogovtseva and Svetlana Orlichenko. The critics so like the performing of the female lead role that Ada Rogovtseva was awarded the highest theatrical prize of Ukraine, "Kyiv pectoral" and the production won "Best chamber performance" in 2016.

Order and buy tickets for "It seems to be happiness" in the cityKiev, (International center of culture and arts (Zhovtneviy Palace)) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 8 March 2017 19:00

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