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event Vladimir Lymarenko. Gala concert

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Description Vladimir Lymarenko. Gala concert

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“A gifted person is good at everything” and these words are good for Vladimir Lymarenko, the singer and  the composer. From the tender nail he was interested in music and cultivated musician instruments. Today he writes wonderful songs, releases albums and videos. However, Vladimir has his own recording studio, where lots of Ukrainian stars write their works. So, there is a “Gala Concert” of Vladimir Lymarenko on the threshold of the March 8!
The artist tightly cooperate with many famous foreign musicians from the America and Europe and it points to high quality of music he makes. You might see Vladimir in many projects, competitions and festival, which was laid on Madison Square Garden, New York.
Vladimir supports young artists and helps them to create a new song. So, we can say that he leads them out into music world!

Order and buy tickets for "Vladimir Lymarenko. Gala concert" in the cityKiev, (Central House of officers of Armed forces of Ukraine) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 3 March 2017 19:00

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