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Politics news are attacking us from every TV, it is impossible to listen them without saving cardiac medications... Look at the situation from a positive perspective, as it do Vladimir Zelensky, Elena Kravets, Eugene Koshevoy and other artists from "Vecherniy kvartal"! The most acute political jokes, the toothy satire on the most popular comedy shows in Ukraine!

A good joke will lift up your spirits and make you to forget about all the problems. But if such jokes are pouring from the stage as Niagara falls, one after the other... so, for a couple of hours viewers will be absolutely happy people! In our country there are many humorous programs, so fastidious public has a great choice. But the concerts of “Vechirniy kvartal” are always something exclusive.
Vladimir Zelensky, the leader of the comedy troupe “Kvartal 95” knows the secret of this phenomenal success: you have to say funny about things that apply to everyone. The show never avoided controversial topics, artists constantly keep abreast of events. The hottest TV news immediately turn into the satirical sketches. So people don't feel like drowning in the maelstrom of political and social problems. “Vechirniy kvartal”  serves them as a reliable lifebuoy! On March 16 these comedians will perform with a new program, the walls of the largest concert hall of the country again will shake because of vociferous laughter.

Order and buy tickets for "Vechirniy kvartal" in the cityKiev, (The national Palace of arts "Ukraine") You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 16 March 2017 19:00

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