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Billy Milligan is not only a man with a personality disintegrated into 24 pieces, but also a rap-musician. The main thing that this people have just common name. Billy, ST1M and Nikita Legkostev is a one man, who is talented in any role! While ST1M works in lyrically — social direction, Billy Milligan works in hard one.
The artist introduces himself as a rectilinear and honesty musician; he is modest about one's achievements, but his working ability should be noticed! Nikita/ST1M/Billi in a remarkable manner can combine new track writing with a dense tour schedule and participation in different competitions: our Nikita is shown here and there!
He was interested in hip-hop from his childhood when he lived in Germany, but the glory found him only in 2005 after he had won the rap-battle. The product he proposed to the audience was “no format” for the radio, so his tracks were available only in the Internet. Today the artiste has his own audience, who waits for each next concert! However, the nearest one is taking place on March 5 at the club “Atlas”!

Order and buy tickets for "Billy Milligan" in the cityKiev, (Atlas) You can at tickethunt. The event will pass 5 March 2017 18:00

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